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Good Design Can Change Minds

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Back in August, one of my colleagues commented on Facebook about the numerous donation opportunities he receives in the mail from nonprofit organizations. I’m also familiar with the mailbox stuffed full of mailers, especially around the holidays. But what really stuck with me was his comment that organizations “should include a sharp infograhic showing the… Read more >>

Grab Your Vacation When You Can


In our line of work, we put in a LOT of hours. They tend to come in waves and right now I am in a particularly busy time. When you are in the production business, you tend to travel quite a bit as well. Sometimes it’s to exotic locales. Sometimes, not so much. But whether… Read more >>

What the Midterm Elections Taught Us About Marketing


Most people I know think a lot about personal branding: which non-profits represent my interests? What exactly does “business formal” entail? How do I find my authentic voice? What does tweeting this article say about me? But if we’re being honest, our personal brand isn’t going to make headlines. Unless you’re a political candidate. Running… Read more >>

You Are Invited


Stone Ward turned 30 years old this year! We see this as a reason to celebrate and you are invited. On December 11, 2014 we are throwing our own anniversary party. We are looking for former employees, current and former clients and our community friends to join us for a fun evening of reuniting and… Read more >>

Crazy Colorways

Nike basketball images from

  If you’ve been to the gym lately (or anywhere, really) you will have noticed a trend in the past few years towards brighter and brighter colors in athletic shoes and apparel. Neon yellow, bright pink, even pairings of many colors previously thought “un-complimentary.” The movement isn’t necessarily about color, either, it’s about standing out… Read more >>

The Social Election


Our political elections are increasingly moving online where candidates are connecting to voters through social media. We saw it in 2008, 2010, 2012 and overwhelmingly in 2014. The proportion of American voters who follow political figures on social media has nearly tripled since 2010 – up to 16 percent of registered voters from only 6… Read more >>

The Hippest of Dips


How often do you get chip-faced? If you live in Arkansas, the answer probably sounds a little like this: “a lot….like a whole lot.” Did you know that cheese dip originated in Arkansas? This explains why it is somewhat of an obsession around here. It was invented at Mexico Chiquito in 1935 (thank the Lord)…. Read more >>

Three Ways To Clean Up Your Social Media


In my short time in the advertising agency life, there’s one thing I’ve learned that stands out among the rest: your reputation is everything. Similarly, the image you present to the public goes a long way. With Camp Reality just around the corner and floods of applications coming through my email, I felt it was… Read more >>

Get the Best Customer Service on Social Media


There has been a dramatic shift in the way consumers are communicating customer service needs in the last three years. Traditionally, customer service has been conduct via phone and email. Now, consumers are using social media channels to shout their problems from the rooftops and demand quick solutions. These social channels have become very noisy… Read more >>