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HTML 5 Minesweeper in an Hour


We heard that some development shops have an interview exam where they ask interviewees to create a Minesweeper clone in an hour, or maybe it was two hours, we’re not totally sure. After talking about it a bit with the team, debating whether it was easy or hard, whether it could be done or not,… Read more >>

Building a Spotify Playlist Can Make Your Brand Rock

Future Islands - Singles

Music makes our lives so much richer, doesn’t it? Such a powerful art form, music is inseparable from our social fabric, and has been from the beginning of human existence. We use it to enjoy life. To create a mood or alter one. To woo or to break-up. To persuade or to protest. It’s also… Read more >>

Year-end Web Tech Roundup


This is the season to think about shopping, Christmas, and looking back at the year that’s almost over. Here are a few links that connect all of those things and web work. Check it out! Whether you want to be a smarter holiday shopper by knowing how to identify a quality web store, you’re a… Read more >>

What Went Wrong With

It’s not easy to tell at this point where things went wrong. Partisan interests try to spin this to their political goals. Government contractors try to pass the blame. Media pundits don’t understand technology. I’ll try to sort it all out here, and present a few lessons we can learn that apply to all web… Read more >>

Physics Fun in the Browser


A few years ago everybody with a nice phone or a tablet went crazy over Angry Birds, a 2D rigid body physics simulation based on the open source Box2D ( engine. While the fun cartoonish artwork of birds and pigs were a factor in the success of that game series, what players really loved was… Read more >>

Experiments From The Brains At Google


While at SXSW 2012, I reported on some digital innovations that Google had been working on with their Chrome Experiments and Art, Copy & Code platforms. Alot of interesting things have been happening on those platforms since then that brands and marketers should be paying attention to. Here are just two of many, many cool… Read more >>

Why CSS is Awesome!

Cave Man

Illustration by Ana Luczynski Way back in the Pleistocene Epoch, the early cave-dwellers built websites by slicing-and-dicing Photoshop files and dropping all those slices into an html table. We don’t do that anymore. Almost everything designers create in Photoshop (stuff like drop shadows, gradients, glows, etc.) does not get used in the final design; we… Read more >>

Robotic Vision and Your Web Browser


This is how you see your web browser… …but did you know that this is how your web browser sees YOU… … well, maybe that’s not completely true. But, it is possible for a modern web site to capture images from your computer camera, process those images, add effects, identify objects, and drive user interactions… Read more >>

Three Web Apps for Doodling


Take a break and play with something creative. Check out what’s possible with the HTML canvas and Javascript. Draw something cool. Here are three fun doodling web apps you can use right from your browser. Eschersketch multiplies your brush strokes across a mirrored geometric space. Created by Anselm Levskaya. Bomono has you trying to corral… Read more >>