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How I Chose My First DSLR Camera


I have this strange obsession with cameras: I love them and think I need one of everything. But I am not a photographer. I just love taking pictures and have become the “historian” for family and friend events: everyone knows I will take a ton of pictures to document all our experiences. I also have… Read more >>

One Bag for an Unknown Production

Dustin and his backpack.

by Dustin Jones I was first introduced to professional video production in 2004 and was fascinated with the quality of the image produced from the cutting edge High Def cameras. At that time, the cameras were what anyone would expect a camera to be — large, heavy (20 to 40+ pounds) and expensive. Of course,… Read more >>

Sharing Beautiful Images


 “Beautiful design is a key part of online business in this era, which has resulted in more images and video all across the Web.” – Source  Facts: Facebook purchased Instagram earlier this year for $1 billion. Source. 300  million photos are uploaded per day to Facebook. Source. Pinterest, where images take center stage, users spend an average of… Read more >>