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Digital Whitepaper: How To Market Your Business, Yourself or Your Cause In The Digital Age

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Looking at the digital opportunities for communication can be overwhelming as a small business, an individual or a cause with no money for marketing help. And you know you need to be on digital communications channels as more and more consumers are moving online to get their information. Approaching digital communications just like you would… Read more >>

Digital Whitepaper: Keeping Up With Your Competition’s Digital Activity

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Keeping up with the competition’s activity, messages and fan engagement is a necessary evil in the communications industry. It is time consuming and can be discouraging, but it can also be insightful and inspiring. This digital whitepaper provides tips and advice for keeping up with your competition’s digital activity on a regular basis. Digital Whitepaper… Read more >>

Digital Whitepaper: Optimizing Your YouTube Channel

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Video content is increasingly becoming important to brands trying to be seen online and engage with customers beyond the point-of-sale. YouTube is the second most used search engine behind Google, which happens to own YouTube. This digital whitepaper will provide guidance for optimizing your YouTube channel and leveraging your video content to drive engagement with… Read more >>

Digital Whitepaper: Reddit 101


More and more we are hearing about Reddit as a channel for reaching and talking with consumers. But what it is and how do you use it? And how might a marketer use it? This digital whitepaper explains Reddit and provides tips for using it. Download the whitepaper here: Digital Whitepaper August 13 Reddit 101

Digital Whitepaper: Digital For Professional Services Companies

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Product companies and retailers have it easier when it comes to digital communications: they have something visual that customers can see and experience and usually form an attachment to that they want to talk about. Professional services companies — physicians, attorneys, accountants, bankers, marketing consultants, etc. — don’t have a product to show and glamorize…. Read more >>

Digital Whitepaper: Are CEOs Using Social Media?

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For business-to-business marketers, there is a constant conversation around whether the executive-level audience is using social media and if they are, whether they are open to business discussions in those channels. Specifically, are CEOs using social media? Are they paying attention to the conversations? Are they contributing to the conversations? The bottom line question is:… Read more >>

Digital Whitepaper: Targeting Teenagers

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Teenagers have always been an audience that grown-ups struggle to understand. Now with technology rapidly iterating and the online world as equally important as their in-person world, teenagers are even harder to understand. But with a little insight into their their daily activities, wants and needs, marketers can customize messages that break through the clutter… Read more >>

Digital Whitepaper: Targeting Millennials

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The elusive Millennial audience are those recent college grads out looking for a job or just joining your company. They have grown up with technology and can be complex to understand and even harder to reach given their cynical attitude about the economy and marketing biases. By understanding Millennial attitudes and what motivates them, marketers… Read more >>

Digital Whitepaper: Leveraging Online Video

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By now, most marketers know they should be using more video in their online communications. But why? And how? This month’s digital whitepaper outlines the facts around video consumption and provides some tips for getting your video content noticed online. Digital Whitepaper October Leveraging Online Video