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This is a blog of ideas. And it's a blog of ideas about ideas. Step inside for a glimpse of what's new and what's next. We'll hold the door open for you.

Building a Spotify Playlist Can Make Your Brand Rock

Future Islands - Singles

Music makes our lives so much richer, doesn’t it? Such a powerful art form, music is inseparable from our social fabric, and has been from the beginning of human existence. We use it to enjoy life. To create a mood or alter one. To woo or to break-up. To persuade or to protest. It’s also… Read more >>

Ads Of The Absurd

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You have to do what you can in the advertising industry to make your idea or commercial standout. Now with content curators like YouTube and Vine, there are millions of videos out there begging for your attention. A new trend in commercials is to see which campaigns can be the most absurd, the most outlandish,… Read more >>

And The Oscar Goes To……

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I love movies and I love infographics. So when I ran across this article on the Fast Company site, I was highly entertained. It was a good reminder of how the greatest ideas can often be ascertained by understanding if you can put them in a single visual and communicate them. And it is a… Read more >>

Meet the Color of the Year for 2014


Pantone is THE world-reknowned authority on color. And not just because they say so, either. (they do) Industries from advertising to design to fashion to entertainment use the Pantone color-matching system to ensure accuracy. Getting the right color, and the right shade and hue of that color, is vital to the consistency and longevity of… Read more >>

Extend Your Content Marketing to Paid Media

Image source: Shutterstock

Everyone is talking about content marketing these days.  I read articles and blogs almost daily on the subject.  It has become a very important part of marketing and advertising campaigns. Why, because consumers love content.  As companies see a consumer preference for original content over traditional advertising, content marketing budgets are increasing.  These budget increases… Read more >>

The Wizard of Deadlines

Image 1 Sketch

The creative quest for an awesome last-minute halloween costume. My artist wife and I have been busy lately building dragons and constructing gypsy quarters for her school’s fall festival, so halloween hasn’t been a priority this year. And, well, we love halloween — like a lot. Our couples costumes have won contests and built a… Read more >>