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You Are Invited


Stone Ward turned 30 years old this year! We see this as a reason to celebrate and you are invited. On December 11, 2014 we are throwing our own anniversary party. We are looking for former employees, current and former clients and our community friends to join us for a fun evening of reuniting and… Read more >>

Building Good Builds Business


As a consumer, it’s easy to feel bombarded with advertising messages. Advertisers’ tactics to reach consumers become more and more outrageous each year. I believe advertising is a delicately balanced mixture between art and science that delivers the appropriate messages to the right target. But I also have old school, conservative views that simple good… Read more >>

Know When To Quit. (It’s not such a bad thing and you should do it more often)


A quitter never wins, and a winner never quits. This is impossible to argue with, right? Winners press on, winners keep going long after others have given up, these are the people we admire. Athletes, entrepreneurs, scientists, the only way to achieve something monumental is to plow ahead and make things happen! Just like every… Read more >>

“An Idea Will Live On”

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Earlier in my career, I worked in the Office of Communications for the Peace Corps.   I was happy to take on a variety of roles for the Office that included everything from directing documentary films in far away places like Kazakhstan and Tonga to creating a national marketing campaign to helping edit a book of… Read more >>

Coping With Workplace Common Areas

Our Stone Ward Skybox kitchen/meeting space.

Common areas are an important part of every business and company, whether a front entrance, reception area, kitchen/lunchroom, etc. Frequented and used by many, their basic upkeep can either be assigned to an individual or handled through a collective effort of business etiquette and common courtesy; creating the perfect place to hang a sign, “Your… Read more >>

My Favorite Website: Soul Pancake

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Today, Emily and I talked about my favorite website: Soul Pancake. Watch our interview below and then see some of the video we reference in our discussion. Kid President My Last Days: Zach Sobiech Zach Sobiech Celebrity video The Science of Happiness — Gratitude Elevator Joy Bomb

Is Square Building Good?

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In an announcement this morning, May 14, Square, Inc. – the new and growing mobile credit card processing platform – announced that it will no longer allow transactions related to firearms or ammunition.  A bold move for a company that likely sees significant business from the fair and festival world. This post is not about… Read more >>

Doing Well By Doing Good

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Consumers are getting savvier and pickier about the companies they do business with, for both big purchases and small purchases. They research online, read reviews, understand customer service standards and learn about a companies’ business operations. And one thing they are looking at is the philanthropic efforts of the companies they will be buying from…. Read more >>