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NFL Draft/Hype or Help

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It’s that time of year where all football fans are having withdrawals from the season, and are looking for one last scrape of the bucket of football. Cue the NFL Draft. The fans of each NFL city are at the edge of their seats waiting for the next draft pick. These draft picks are the… Read more >>

Shooting Video While Driving

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Have you ever wondered how the filmmakers get the driving shot(s) on a film or video? The filmmakers actually use equipment called a hostess tray (car side mount), and a hood mount for the front hood of the vehicle. I have had many opportunities working as a key grip on feature films, music videos, etc…. Read more >>

Cranes vs. Copters

Tommy_jib arm

  In my former life as a dolly grip, crane operator and camera technician in the motion picture business I gained an appreciation for innovative and unique camera shots to assist in telling a story. Now, I am always on the lookout for the latest and greatest tools that can add to a commercial production… Read more >>

Know Your Production Crew

Tommy D. Walker (dolly grip), Daryn Okada (Director of Photography), Sean Bean (Actor)

There are many people working on the set of a production and you may have wondered what they all do. Every person there plays a key role. Today I talked to Emily about just some of the people that are working to make the video look great: Gaffer Best Boy Electric Electrician Key Grip Best… Listen now >>

Video Production On the Move


When it comes to video production, there are a lot of people, there is a lot of equipment and there is a lot of planning. And moving and coordinating all of that production around unfamiliar locations can be a major ordeal. Today I talk with Emily about how we manage productions not just across the state,… Listen now >>

Broadcast Production: Safety is No Accident


  With all the moving parts, people and equipment on a production set, staying safe is extremely important. Today I talked to Emily about some of the safety standards on a broadcast production set. Listen to our discussion below, or subscribe to our podcast in iTunes.  

My Career in Broadcast Production

camera rig

I’ve had the amazing opportunity to work in production since my college years. Over that time, I have worked on films, music videos and commercials. Today, I talked to Emily about some of my experiences and provide advice for those looking to get into the broadcast production industry. Listen to the podcast below for the… Listen now >>