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“An Idea Will Live On”

Image Source: Wikipedia

Earlier in my career, I worked in the Office of Communications for the Peace Corps.   I was happy to take on a variety of roles for the Office that included everything from directing documentary films in far away places like Kazakhstan and Tonga to creating a national marketing campaign to helping edit a book of… Read more >>

My Favorite Website: Soul Pancake

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Today, Emily and I talked about my favorite website: Soul Pancake. Watch our interview below and then see some of the video we reference in our discussion. Kid President My Last Days: Zach Sobiech Zach Sobiech Celebrity video The Science of Happiness — Gratitude Elevator Joy Bomb

No Hashtags on the Field

Source: @UMichFootball

The NCAA recently ruled that no hashtags could be shown on the playing areas of college sports games. In this video blog post, Emily and I talk about what that means and the marketing implications for universities. In our discussion we use the Michigan #GOBLUE initiative that generated massive numbers of tweets and LSU’s stellar… Watch now >>

Ad Viewers Love Babies

Image source: Evian Babies Facebook Page

Today Emily and I talked about Evian’s latest follow up to its Guinness World Record-setting video (“Roller Babies,” see below) with “Baby and Me.” The latest Evian spot, “Baby and Me.” The original “Roller Babies” video. The making of “Roller Babies.”

March Madness

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Today Emily and I talked about marketing and March Madness, specifically around the tradition of “One Shining Moment” and how it is “sacred.” Watch the video here: The original “One Shining Moment” from 1987 preceded by 1:45 of credits. The most recent installment of “One Shining Moment” from 2012.

Culture Jacking

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It is the season for major cultural events: the Super Bowl, the Gold Globes, the Oscars, the Daytona 500. How are brands taking advantage of these opportunities when millions of people are paying attention? It is called “culture jacking.” Today Emily and I talk about who has won and who has failed so far. Watch… Watch now >>

FIFA 13 Marketing Launch

Image source: Fifa Soccer Blog

Today Emily and I talked about the recent launch of the new FIFA 13 soccer video game and the excitement around what I call the “Cult of FIFA.” WFE Interview: Tom Lillig FIFA 13 from Stone Ward on Vimeo. Here are a couple of spots from the campaign that we discuss: