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This is a blog of ideas. And it's a blog of ideas about ideas. Step inside for a glimpse of what's new and what's next. We'll hold the door open for you.

Frank Talk, Spirited Debate, Laughter and Love. Now That’s a Thriving Creative Culture.


Ed Catmull, President of Pixar and Walt Disney Animation, has written a new book entitled “Creativity, Inc.” I love it for two reasons. It’s like a behind-the-scenes tour of my favorite Pixar movies– Toy Story, Cars, and Monsters University.  And it’s a compelling, how-to guide for building a successful creative company. (Note: Pixar Studios has… Read more >>

And The Oscar Goes To……

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I love movies and I love infographics. So when I ran across this article on the Fast Company site, I was highly entertained. It was a good reminder of how the greatest ideas can often be ascertained by understanding if you can put them in a single visual and communicate them. And it is a… Read more >>

A Good Agency/Client Relationship Has Three Legs

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This summer I was pleased to attend the Advertising Marketing International Network Management Conference in Montreux, Switzerland.  These are smart agency owners from around the globe who come together once a year non-competitively and share knowledge and experiences—the good, the bad and the ugly. Beppe URSO, EVP, Global Director Client Compensation and Strategic Sourcing, Leo… Read more >>

Girl Power and Why It Works In Business

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Author John Gerzema has co-authored a book titled The Athena Doctrine:  How Women (And The Men Who Think Like Them) Will Rule The Future.  In the book, Gerzema proports that there are four personality traits most often associated with women that translate to top strategies for business success.  I couldn’t agree more.  See what you… Read more >>

My Favorite Stone Ward Principle

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Stone Ward has 20 principles that make up our operating philosophy.  These are posted in our agency, shared with our clients when opportunity allows, and reviewed on a regular basis with our staff.  Principle number 19 is “Do not confuse effort with result.”  It is my favorite and cuts to the heart of why clients… Read more >>