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So Much More Than The Games


With the Sochi Olympics well underway, major sponsors/advertisers are getting way more than they what they expected with this year’s games. It’s noted that advertisers are spending more than $900 million during these Winter Olympics. This despite all the issues being decided outside the traditional figure skating, snow-boarding or kurling events. Leading up to opening… Read more >>

I’m a Nomophobic, Are You?


Don’t laugh, you probably are too! Nomophobia is a condition coined by some mental health gurus as the fear of going without a phone. I hadn’t realized I had this condition until today when my iPhone decided it had had enough! Siri was unavailable! As I’m sure most of you know by now, I come… Read more >>

Top Tips When Interviewing

Image source: Shutterstock

Lately I’ve been interviewing for a couple of positions here at the agency. Due to this, I’ve noticed some things that have surprised me about how candidates are now approaching getting “the” job. What I’ve found is that younger people have a different mindset when it comes to the interview process, so I thought I’d… Read more >>

Business Etiquette: Communicating Electronically

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Today, electronic communication is constantly evolving, and with an increased number of options on how to communicate, having good business etiquette communication skills is now more important than ever. Even when we are communicating in short “blurbs” and texts in most cases, the basics of consideration and respect still hold true, just as it would… Read more >>