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This is a blog of ideas. And it's a blog of ideas about ideas. Step inside for a glimpse of what's new and what's next. We'll hold the door open for you.

March Madness

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Today Emily and I talked about marketing and March Madness, specifically around the tradition of “One Shining Moment” and how it is “sacred.” Watch the video here: The original “One Shining Moment” from 1987 preceded by 1:45 of credits. The most recent installment of “One Shining Moment” from 2012.

Know Your Production Crew

Tommy D. Walker (dolly grip), Daryn Okada (Director of Photography), Sean Bean (Actor)

There are many people working on the set of a production and you may have wondered what they all do. Every person there plays a key role. Today I talked to Emily about just some of the people that are working to make the video look great: Gaffer Best Boy Electric Electrician Key Grip Best… Read more >>

Digital Campaign Idea Starters: March

Screen Shot 2013-03-22 at 11.58.01 AM

Each month at Stone Ward, we get together to share and discuss some interesting digital marketing efforts that we have seen recently. Here is March’s presentation: SW Creative Digital Comm March 13 from Emily Reeves

SXSW 2013: Brainstorming Technology First

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This is part of a monthly meeting series with Stone Ward brand management to talk about integrating digital to overall communications planning. In this March meeting we talked about brainstorming technology first, based on a session that I listened to at SXSW 2013.

Grab the Keys and Ammunition

Image source: Shutterstock

NASCAR has never been a sport absent of conflict.  Scratching paint on the track and trading punches in the garage are fairly commonplace, but a recent development with a race title sponsorship has thrust the sport into the world of political infighting. Texas Motor Speedway recently announced that the title sponsor for its April race… Read more >>

SXSW 2013: A Recap

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SXSW is an annual Music, Film and Interactive festival, but in recent years it has become most well-known for the interactive aspect of it as technology is increasingly present in our lives and some major start-ups have gotten their launch at the festival. Twitter famously got its start at the 2007 festival and Foursquare at the… Read more >>

SXSW 2013: The Future of Online Advertising

Brands that are working with BuzzFeed on branded content.

BuzzFeed says that the future of online advertising is not in banner advertising, but instead in branded and sponsored content that is shareable on social sites. The founder of BuzzFeed, Jonah Peretti spoke at SXSW on Tuesday about the power shift in media. Peretti believes that making content that people want to share is how advertisers… Read more >>

SXSW 2013: Over and Out

url 2

Well, the Interactive folks are clearing out and the Music folks are streaming in, but here’s one final post from me before I go. I won’t try and give you a definitive summary of this year’s event, it’s way too broad for that, but I will leave you with some of the topics and trends… Read more >>

SXSW 2013: Finding Your Target Audience Is Both Harder and Easier


  Traditionally, agencies and brands have purchased and placed their media based on demographics like age, gender, race, geography, etc. But with the amount of data that consumers are now giving about themselves, their preferences and their habits, we should forget about demographics and think instead about cultures and reaching audiences through the self-identifying information… Read more >>

SXSW 2013: Finding Your North Star

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In a technology conference as vast and cutting-edge as SXSW, it’s easy to become overwhelmed by the sheer amount of learning and technology and opportunities that surround you. And agencies like ours are working daily to keep up to date with today’s software and tomorrow’s next innovation. Even personally, many of us have divided our… Read more >>

SXSW 2013: Perfecting Video for the Web


We often quote the stat that by 2015, 90% of internet traffic will be from video streams. Given that fact, video production is a hot topic at SXSW this year. I sat in on a great panel this morning whose focus was really about producing video series for the web and I walked away with… Read more >>

SXSW 2013: When it comes to apps, ratings don’t lie


Making a good app is not an easy or cheap or particularly fast process. While this is not what clients want to hear, in the long run, it’s the right thing to do to make sure the app you’ve invested in is a useful tool for your customers instead of a brochure of your services…. Read more >>