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A High Five, a Thumbs Down and a PR Star to Yahoo! CEO Marissa Mayer Over Decision To End Employee “Telecommuting”

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Perhaps you’ve seen the news about Yahoo! CEO Marissa Myer requiring employees of the Internet giant to work IN their offices beginning this June and not somewhere else, i.e. no more telecommuting. Since much of what we PR practitioner’s do is work that can actually be done offsite, my immediate response was to search for… Read more >>

An Oscar Recap

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Many of us here at the agency watched the Oscars last night, but we were each watching from our own perspectives, looking for different things. Today, Emily and I talk about the highlights and lowlights of the night, me as a film-maker and Emily as a digital communicator. Listen to the discussion below, or subscribe to our… Listen now >>

The @SXSW Preparation

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In just a couple of weeks, Emily Reeves and I will be heading to the big South by Southwest Interactive conference in Austin, TX for a five day extravaganza of learning with 30,000+ other people from around the world. It will be my first trip, and Emily’s fourth, so I cornered her to see what… Listen now >>

Longer is Better

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Over the years, I’ve found media people and creative people at odds about the length of radio and television commercials.  Creative obviously want longer spots while media is trying to build frequency and wants shorter, less expensive spots.  Well, digital video has brought us together so we can both live happily ever after. We can… Read more >>

Culture Jacking

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It is the season for major cultural events: the Super Bowl, the Gold Globes, the Oscars, the Daytona 500. How are brands taking advantage of these opportunities when millions of people are paying attention? It is called “culture jacking.” Today Emily and I talk about who has won and who has failed so far. Watch… Watch now >>

Doing Well By Doing Good

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Consumers are getting savvier and pickier about the companies they do business with, for both big purchases and small purchases. They research online, read reviews, understand customer service standards and learn about a companies’ business operations. And one thing they are looking at is the philanthropic efforts of the companies they will be buying from…. Read more >>

What Chicago Sounds Like


If you’ve spoken with us on the phone, then there is a good chance you’ve already had the pleasure of meeting our neighbor, the “L.” The rumble of the elevated train system in Chicago has become woven into the fabric of the city, as inseparable as the Empire State Building is from New York. It… Read more >>

Social Media for Small Business

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Recently, I had the pleasure of presenting to Arkansas Small Business and Technology Development Center about social media for small business. You can view the presentation here. Please feel free to contact me ( if you are interested in any digital/social presentations for your organization. ASBTDC Social Media for Small Business by Stone Ward from Emily… Read more >>

Prototyping for jQuery Mobile Apps


Why prototype? Traditional web design techniques can be used for mobile development. Wireframes are still valuable tools for allocating screen real estate and quickly playing with workflow in the initial conception phase. But once you get down to making your app look and feel the way it will on delivery, desktop tools and traditional techniques… Read more >>

Digital Whitepaper: Targeting Teenagers

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Teenagers have always been an audience that grown-ups struggle to understand. Now with technology rapidly iterating and the online world as equally important as their in-person world, teenagers are even harder to understand. But with a little insight into their their daily activities, wants and needs, marketers can customize messages that break through the clutter… Read more >>