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This is a blog of ideas. And it's a blog of ideas about ideas. Step inside for a glimpse of what's new and what's next. We'll hold the door open for you.

One Bag for an Unknown Production

Dustin and his backpack.

by Dustin Jones I was first introduced to professional video production in 2004 and was fascinated with the quality of the image produced from the cutting edge High Def cameras. At that time, the cameras were what anyone would expect a camera to be — large, heavy (20 to 40+ pounds) and expensive. Of course,… Read more >>

Purpose Before Product

Image source: Shutterstock

Let’s say I’m in the market for a a new pair of black shoes. Maybe I’m looking for a case for my tablet computer, a carton of milk or a life insurance policy. Even if I narrow my search by price or quality or location, I’m still guaranteed a wealth of choices. The actual product… Read more >>

Pruning for Productivity

Image source: Shutterstock

Last week we were privileged to have Todd Henry, author of “The Accidental Creative” come and speak to our year-end retreat.  This retreat is a time for our agency to stop all the things we are doing for the clients we love, and take a day and half to re-energize ourselves, sort our priorities, reflect… Read more >>

A New Way to Kick-off the Philanthropic Giving Season

Image source: Shutterstock

I was reading Tuesday’s, Knowledge@Wharton TODAY and found an inspiring idea that I wanted to share.   And that idea is to create Giving Tuesday™ as the giving season’s opening day. This will be the first Tuesday after Thanksgiving, which on this year was November 27th.  The organization Giving Tuesday™ notes on their website that we have a… Read more >>