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What are Validated Impressions for Online Advertising?

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At Stone Ward we are always looking for ways to improve the effectiveness of the media dollars spent on behalf of our clients.  In the world of online advertising we sometimes think we have it nailed.  But, this constantly evolving industry is always coming up with new ways to target, track and count the effectiveness… Read more >>

Video Production On the Move


When it comes to video production, there are a lot of people, there is a lot of equipment and there is a lot of planning. And moving and coordinating all of that production around unfamiliar locations can be a major ordeal. Today I talk with Emily about how we manage productions not just across the state,… Listen now >>

Coming to the Agency After 15 Years of Being a Client

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I’m often asked, “Why did you move from being the client to joining Stone Ward?”  Most people think the logical career path is going from agency to client. I guess they think this because most think the client side is easier.  Meaning shorter hours, less pressure, focused versus “jack of all trades,” etc.   For the… Read more >>

Responsive Web Design

Screen Shot 2012-11-13 at 7.43.54 AM

The digital world is fluid and diverse. If your content is stubborn and cranky, they aren’t going to get along. Responsive thinking is the answer, and we’ve greatly oversimplified it here for your viewing pleasure. Filmed and edited by Dustin Jones, 360 Filmworks Music created by Chris Kindrick using Figure by Propellerhead

Respect the Checklist

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On today’s podcast, Lindsey Ingram and I talk about the book The Checklist Manifesto by Atul Gawande. As a project manager at Stone Ward, Lindsey knows the value of a good checklist and she shares her learnings with us today.  Listen to our discussion below, or subscribe to our podcast in iTunes.