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Digital Whitepaper: Leveraging Online Video

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By now, most marketers know they should be using more video in their online communications. But why? And how? This month’s digital whitepaper outlines the facts around video consumption and provides some tips for getting your video content noticed online. Digital Whitepaper October Leveraging Online Video

The Art of the On Camera Interview

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by Katy Bartlett In my time with Stone Ward and 360 Filmworks, I’ve had the pleasure of conducting on camera interviews with a variety of people for long and short digital productions. I’ve spoken with members of state agencies, business leaders, sales and service professionals, surgeons, teenagers, senior citizens and even convicted felons serving life… Read more >>

The Only Constant is Change

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Change within an organization is a fact of business life.  Organizations can go through two types of change, positive and negative due to many factors such as new technology, economics and business initiatives.  If communicated correctly, both positive and negative changes can be handled successfully if as leaders we have the right mindset.  It is… Read more >>

Leveraging Internet Memes

Source: Know Your Meme

We’ve all seen and laughed at internet memes, though we may not have realized that’s what they were at the time. An internet meme is simply a concept that spreads via the internet. Internet memes usually are formed from some social interaction, pop culture reference, or from situations people often find themselves in and are parodied… Read more >>

Is Your Website Mobile-Friendly?

Source: Wikipedia, Boston Globe

Statistically speaking, the likelihood of your website being mobile-friendly is very slim. When browsing from a mobile device, 96-percent of consumers say they’ve encountered sites that were clearly not designed for mobile devices. The reported stats vary, but 60-80% of brands don’t have a mobile-optimized website. According to recent Google research, this is an incredibly frustrating… Read more >>

The Demise of Newsprint Covered Fingers


Beginning Monday morning, Oct. 1, 2012 folks across South Louisiana will no longer receive their morning copy of the Times-Picayune. The Times-Picayune, New Orleans’ Pulitzer Prize winning newspaper, has 640,000 weekly readers with 71 percent market penetration, yet… it is a daily paper no longer. Has the world ended, I don’t think so. With so… Read more >>