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FIFA 13 Marketing Launch

Image source: Fifa Soccer Blog

Today Emily and I talked about the recent launch of the new FIFA 13 soccer video game and the excitement around what I call the “Cult of FIFA.” WFE Interview: Tom Lillig FIFA 13 from Stone Ward on Vimeo. Here are a couple of spots from the campaign that we discuss:

Broadcast Production: Safety is No Accident


  With all the moving parts, people and equipment on a production set, staying safe is extremely important. Today I talked to Emily about some of the safety standards on a broadcast production set. Listen to our discussion below, or subscribe to our podcast in iTunes.  

Backgrounds and Bugs

Lego Legion

Drawing inspiration from the cicada when designing tiling graphics for the web. I first read about this idea about a year ago, in this Design Festival article. In the article, the author proposed a technique for creating repeating backgrounds that avoid the monotony and repetition of the standard web page tiled background image. The first… Read more >>

Don’t Change My Logo


I am a designer. This means I notice typefaces on restaurant menus. It means I’m usually asked to take the pictures at family gatherings. It means I sometimes shake my head when I see a poorly-designed “garage sale” or “lost dog” flyer posted in my neighborhood. (Make the picture of the dog BIG, people!) These… Read more >>

The Twitter Commandments


by Jeremy Harper “We have to be on Twitter!” is a common exclamation uttered among the stewards of brands.  The validity of this statement is still up for debate. Personally, I believe that some brands need to be on Twitter, and some do not. But those who do should be aware of the atmosphere they… Read more >>