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TV Targeting Moves Online

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As video consumption habits have rapidly begun shifting across multiple devices, a significant need to understand and evaluate the impact of an advertiser’s video campaigns both offline and online exists. Nielsen’s newest product, Online Audience Segments – TV Viewing, identifies this disparate gap in evaluating true media efficiencies. Online Audience Segments – TV Viewing connects… Read more >>

Where vs. What

Image Source: Red Signal

“If the message is right, who cares what screen people see it on? If the message is wrong, what difference does it make?” – The Ad Contrarian My friend Bob Hoffman, CEO of a nice little $100 million agency in San Francisco, has built an alter ego brand around challenging most everything.  He has a… Read more >>

International Tourism Campaigns

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With the summer travel season coming to an end, I am recalling the recent travel I was able to do and thinking about the campaigns to drive people to those international locations. Today Emily and I talked about slogans and campaigns for countries around the world, which ones are on brand and effective, and which… Watch now >>

Social Media Migration

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What is the next big social media network? Will Facebook continue to grow or will users start abandoning it? How are users going to decide where to go next and when will they make the move? How can we keep up with it all? After a discussion about Google+ this morning in our staff meeting,… Read more >>

Finding Creative Inspiration

Chris's current favorite color: Tangerine Tango

Today I talked to Chris Kindrick, Art Director at Stone Ward, about his daily quest for inspiration and staying positive in an intense work environment. Listen to our podcast here, or subscribe on iTunes. Here are samples of some of the sites that we discussed:       The random spark for creative inspiration:

The Art of Simplicity

Rothko Room: The Phillips Collection. Photo © Robert Lautman

In an art gallery, it’s not uncommon to hear “I could have done that.” You may have even said it yourself, I’ll admit to having had the thought once or twice! Even though the truth in many instances is yes, you very well could have done that, it’s not what we really mean to say…. Read more >>

Team USA. Team Work.

Image source: ESPN

Like many others, I’m already wondering what will fill my days and nights after Friday, August 10th. The Summer Olympics are an inspiration in more ways than one. But, there are two athletes that stand out and not just because they dominate everyone they compete against. Kerri Walsh Jennings and Misty May-Treanor epitomize teamwork. Watching… Read more >>

Discovery and Social Search Results


Discovery. It is what the internet is all about. We enter the world of the internet and find ourselves veering down paths we never knew we wanted to explore and finding things we never knew we needed or wanted until they were discovered. But we are much more likely to click on a link that… Read more >>

My Career in Broadcast Production

camera rig

I’ve had the amazing opportunity to work in production since my college years. Over that time, I have worked on films, music videos and commercials. Today, I talked to Emily about some of my experiences and provide advice for those looking to get into the broadcast production industry. Listen to the podcast below for the… Listen now >>