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Building Relationships and Baseball

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Wanting to establish better relationships and trust with your clients, just think of baseball! When talking to a consultant recently about getting our brand managers to focus on our client relationships, he said, “Oh, that’s easy, I know you’re a sports fan, so think of it like baseball.”  Upon further conversation, I learned establishing good… Read more >>

Thanks for the Mystery, Donald Sobol

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  Today’s guest post is written by Jeremy Harper. Attending a small town public elementary school afforded me the use of a small town elementary school library. Heroically under-funded and managed by a white-haired curator, the school library provided two sets of volumes that made a deep impression on my life. The first was a… Read more >>

Mentoring Interns

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In our second podcast episode, Danny Koteras, Associate Creative Director, talks to Emily about how to mentor interns and provides us with his top tips for how we can make the most of their internship experience.

Dude, What’s My Job?


I recently had occasion to view a presentation by Brad Karsh of JB Training Solutions on “Managing Millennials In Today’s Workforce.”  I must say, it had a significant impact on the way that I, who have now become one of “those old guys,” understand the newer folks that have come into our agency world.  These… Read more >>

Which Way Do You Skeu?


The next picture you take with your digital camera, pay attention to the “click” sound it makes. It was an indication that a picture has been taken, but your camera doesn’t have a traditional shutter, so why did the camera manufacturer make it sound like one? It’s a skeuomorph, of course! It may sound like… Read more >>

Are You Living a Recommendable Life?

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I recently had the pleasure of listening to Paul Rand, President and CEO of the Zocalo Group, one of the nation’s largest word-of-mouth and social media marketing agencies talk about the growing importance of making the brands we represent as agencies brands that are “recommendable.”  He went on to talk about the power of recommendations,… Read more >>

Sharing Beautiful Images


 “Beautiful design is a key part of online business in this era, which has resulted in more images and video all across the Web.” – Source  Facts: Facebook purchased Instagram earlier this year for $1 billion. Source. 300  million photos are uploaded per day to Facebook. Source. Pinterest, where images take center stage, users spend an average of… Read more >>

Display Drives Search


Does online display advertising drive search traffic and results?  I believe it does and I have for some time now.  I’ve seen the combination work many times for Stone Ward clients.  Pre-target, an ad targeting software company,  agrees and has pulled together a simple yet educational infographic on the subject.  This infographic shows that display… Read more >>